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In order to get the highest possible ranking in search engines websites need to be carefully optimized and registered. Please note that this is not one of the many services that register your website to 3,000+ search engines using software solutions. Our service is a dedicated process that brings you only the visitors that are interested in your line of business. Main steps are specified in the section below.

A range of relevant keywords and/or phrases are analysed to avoid targeting poor keywords and phrases. We uses databases that are constantly updated with information about more than 320 million searches performed over the last 60 days to find the keyword or phrase to attract the highest amount of targeted traffic to your business website. Selecting the right keywords and/or phrases is a careful process that requires knowledge about the specific markets.

Your existing or new build website is assessed to investigate whether scripts, frames or any code prevents an optimal indexation by the search engines. Our specialists constantly monitor the developments in this field and apply new rules and techniques to ensure that you maintain top positions for the selected keywords and/or phrases.

After selection of the targetted keywords one or more pages of your website are optimized. This is a technical activity which applies to strategic areas recognized by the Search Engines in order to obtain a high position for the keywords chosen in the previous phase.

The registration process involves a careful manual submission to the major (inter)national search engines assuring that the optimized pages are properly indexed. This includes paid inclusion such as Inktomi ensuring that the right page of your site appears at the right time on top web search portals

Intensive monitoring and tuning assures you that the optimized pages remain in the indexes and keep their top position. The results of our advanced web statistics service, providing comprehensive data about traffic coming to your site, is a vital source of information for optimal monitoring (see also web traffic analysis).

Please contact us if you require more information and learn about our unique 100% money back warranty for targetted keywords and/or phrases..